We interrupt your not working with this TV break

We interrupt your not working with this TV break

This quarter is kicking my butt! I’m teaching, and trying to get an accelerated summer syllabus together; taking both a theory seminar and a pedagogy class; trying to knock out an incomplete paper from last fall; and, the most important and hardest and most terrifying of all, trying to get my prospectus and dissertation committee together. I’m glad to be moving into dissertation territory, don’t get me wrong, but…

Look, I know it’s not like I have it worse than anyone else. But it’s like, okay. When I go talk to faculty, I know how ridiculous I am.


(Speaking of Chris Traeger, did I mention I’m trying to make it to the gym?)


And whenever anyone asks me about anything related to the project, I’m all:


Then I’m like, Gosh! I just wish I had a weekend to myself so I could get some serious work done. But then, I go home, and suddenly:


(No, seriously, this is how I sound when I talk about my project:)



And then it’s the little things that to get to me. Something embarrassing in front of faculty (always)? Panicking over a deadline? Argument with a friend? Bad teaching day? Skipped lunch?:



Then I start to think that there’s no way I’m ever going to make it through, and I probably never should have started in the first place:



But if I can just cut myself a break and get a little perspective…



And not to mention if I can KEEP WORKING…



Then I’m sure things will turn out great. it’s all about attitude, right?



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